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Hollywood Studios with Disney Genie+, 2023

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, 2023

Day 1: Sunday, January 29

Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, 2023

With Park Hopper we divided our visit over two days; the first on a Sunday evening. Because Passholders cannot go to the parks on weekends, we found this one to be exceptionally quiet, with very low crowds and short waits. There was an unofficial “Lightsaber Meetup” so nearly all of the 200+ guests in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance were carrying them, adding to the ambiance. There were also two showings of Fantasmic, one at 7:30pm and one at 9:30pm (after the park’s 9:30pm closing), making the rest of the park feel even emptier at night.

  • 5:30pm- Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway LL- (standby would have been 50 minutes)

  • 6:00pm- Rise of the Resistance using Individual Lightning Lane- (standby would have been a 70-minute wait)

  • 6:30 pm- Oga’s Cantina Reservation

    Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, 2023
  • 7:45pm- Toy Story Mania LL (standby would have been 10 minutes)

  • 8:15pm- Alien Spin Saucers (no wait)

  • 8:30pm- Ate the best grilled cheese in the parks at Woody’s Lunchbox Quick Service Restaurant

  • 8:45pm- Slinky Dog Dash (20 minute wait) Normally, the wait would still be an hour near park closing, but because of low crowds (and because we didn’t mind missing the fireworks) I was able to squeeze in a ride.

Day 2: Tuesday, January 31

Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, 2023

Because we were able to do so much on our first evening, our daytime return allowed us to relax a bit more. Aside from not being able to ride Tower of Terror (waits were long and Lighting Lanes were scarce), we were able to do everything we wanted with a total of less than a full day’s time in the Park.

  • 8:30am- Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster- I walked on during the early entry for park guests

  • 8:45am- Star Tours- no wait

  • 9:15am- Millennium Falcon Lightning Lane LL (standby would have been a 25 minutes, but grew to 50 minutes by 10am)

  • 9:45am- After the ride, we and met Rey and Chewy

  • 10:15am- Took photos around the park at the nearby Mickey and Minnie Vacation Fun room

  • 10:30am- Arrived at seating for the 11am Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. We had a Lightning Lane, but it wasn’t needed because the park wasn’t busy enough to require other guests to wait while LL entered. Our early arrival got us great seats behind the control panel, so we were able to watch Cast Members create the special effects. The show did fill almost completely by the starting time. This was our first time watching since pre-covid, and the only noticeable change for us was that they no longer bring audience members to the stage for an interactive portion of the show.

  • 11:30am- Muppet Vision 3D (no wait)- Unfortunately as we were seated after watching the pre-show in the lobby, an announcement came that they were cancelling the show.

  • 11:45am- Lunch at Docking Bay followed by Blue Milk in Galaxy’s Edge. Alice ranked the Blue Milk from the kiosk superior to the version in Oga’s Cantina.

  • 12:30pm- Drinks from the 50s Prime Time Diner’s Tune-In Lounge. We were disappointed to find out that they did not serve milk shakes, but Alex and I had some very strong cocktails, and mine included a light-up ice cube (as was standard in the 1950s?). The themed lounge/bar is the same area that guests wait for their reservation for the diner, and is a great place to take a break from the busy park.

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