Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios, 2019

Our first time visiting Galaxy’s Edge was for Passholder Preview in August of 2019. There were some kinks to still be worked out, and the Cast Members were still working out how they would interact as characters in the immersive story atmosphere. Instead of lining up for character meet and greets, they are acting out the story; Rey and Chewie are working on their ships and the Stormtroopers are trying to keep law and order. The interaction with guests is creative.


Galaxy’s Edge offers merchandise that would be found in the fictional town of Black Spire Outpost, so it was less about branded t-shirts and Lego sets. Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities was Star Wars nerd heaven, where you could buy everything from a custom light saber to stained glass tributes to the women of the Skywalker family. The shop is full of animatronic creatures, so it was worth a visit even if we weren’t in the market for the high-end memorabilia. The small space was also very crowded, with people escaping the August heat.

Droid Depot gave Alice the chance to custom design her own Droid. Her first step was to choose between the BB-Series and R-Series models, then select the colors of her pieces. Only two guests were permitted in the build section, but the observation area wasn’t too far away. Cast members walked Alice through the process, which took about 1/2 hour.
Marketplace stalls were filled with kid-friendly toys and games that were filled with items familiar to people who loved the movies but also appealed to non-fans.


Rise of the Resistance did not disappoint on our Christmas trip in 2019. At that time, to secure a spot we had to arrive at the park at 6AM to enter the park by 7AM. Everyone at the same time logged in to their MyDisney Account, hoping to secure their Group number. (You can now do this from anywhere as long as you have reservations at Hollywood Studio on that day.) We lucked out with Group 69, and estimated that our turn to ride would be mid-afternoon. I don’t want to give too many spoilers (there are a few videos at the end of the blog). The queue and ride were divided into many different sections as we became part of a rebel group on a mission, and culminated on an escape ride. We went through a series of rooms that included holograms, animatronics, and live Cast Members acting as members of the First Order.

Queue for Rise of the Resistance, Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run was more of a classic simulator ride compared to Rise of the Resistance. We queued through a hangar used for repairing spacecraft. The highlight for us was the very realistically replicated interior of the Millennium Falcon that serves as the waiting room before you enter the ride. We rode twice, choosing different roles for piloting the ship each time.

Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina became a top contender for my favorite dining experience in the park. Where else can you find an intergalactic techno Droid DJ, an Irish pub style sing-aglong, and German bierhaus group seating? Even the cocktails were an interactive experience (they fizz, smoke, numb your mouth, etc.), and Alice got her Blue Milk fix with the Blue Bantha. We snacked on the Batuu bits; the only other food option the menu was a cured meat tray. Because we visited prior to COVID, we were given the choice to sit in shared seating or to stand at one of the bar tables. It was especially fun to nerd out with other guests at our table who had also just experienced Rise of the Resistance for the first time.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge really shines at night (pun intended). It also offers little shade, so visiting after sunset saves you from the brutal Orlando sun. We found the park less crowded in the evening, so it was a good time to also look for locations for the Datapad game on the PlayDisney App.

Let me help plan your trip to Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Florida.


Watch the films

Galaxy’s Edge is built for Star Wars fans. The more you know, the more you will get out of your visit. You’ve arrived on Batuu between Episodes VIII and IX, but you’ll find merchandise and other elements that reference even back to Episode I.


Purchase Tickets and make a Park Reservation

Walt Disney World Parks are currently (as of winter 2021) requiring reservations. Hollywood Studios is typically the first to reach capacity.


Book Oga’s Cantina

Reservations are required and can be booked 60 days before your visit.


Download the MDE App

Getting to know the My Disney Experience App before your visit is key, especially if you plan to ride Rise of the Resistance. MDE offers everything you’ll need for a Park Visit, from directions around the resorts, pre-ording quick service meals, wait times, and more.

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