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Coronado Resort at Walt Disney World

Coronado Resort holds a special place in our hearts as the very first Disney property we ever visited. We’ve stayed at the resort on five of our trips, most recently in the new Gran Destino tower.

Coronado Resort at Walt Disney World

From Coronado it is a short bus ride to Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Magic Kingdom sometimes feels like a bit of a hike by bus. One downside to the resort is that bus transportation is the only option to the parks, outside of driving a personal car or using a ride share service.

The property is large, with each section subtly unique in its theming. We like building 7B of the the desert landscaped Ranchos. Each section has a small pool, or you can head to the Dig Site with a large pool, waterslide, and recreation area. New walkways across the center of the lake make all areas more easily accessible. On our last trip in August of 2019 we fell in love with Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago, located on an “island” that connects the lake bridges.

Coronado Resort, Walt Disney World, 2022

Gran Destino Tower

Coronado Resort, Walt Disney World

While the original Coronado resort has an American southwest and Mexican theme, the new Gran Destino Tower is like a trip to Spain. The bar backdrop and columns are Antoni Gaudí meets Disney, hidden Mickeys and all. Some families may feel like the resort lacks some of the Disney magic you find at other more classic resorts. Depending on when you visit, conferences attendees in business attire may outnumber families wearing Mickey Ears. For that reason, families with very young children may prefer a different resort. However, we enjoyed staying in an upscale resort that also welcomed families. The top floor bar Dahlia was ideal for an evening nightcap for me and a “zero proof cocktail” for Alice. From the outdoor patio we watched the fireworks at Hollywood Studios.
We started our morning with pastries from the Barcelona Lounge, and a very enthusiastic Barista brewing European-style coffee.

Gran Destino Tower Rooms

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