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The Seattle Aquarium- Spring Break 2023

Primarily Pacific Puget Sound Sea Life

The Seattle Aquarium is located on the waterfront downhill from the Pikes Place Market. In just over an hour we were able to experience all of the museum exhibits, but families with younger children would likely spend more time enjoying the shows and play spaces. I could have also spent an additional hour just watching the cuttlefish, but that’s just me.

Touch Tanks
Our favorite room had touch tanks filled with animals found in tidal pools of the Puget Sound. As east coasters accustomed to Atlantic Ocean wildlife, we found the array of bright coral, starfishes, and sea cucumbers to be different and fascinating. Seeing a giant octopus slowly eating a large crab was also a new experience.

Cafe, Seattle Aquarium, WA 2023

Aquarium Cafe
We went directly to the cafe to enjoy a light lunch with a waterfront view. There were plenty of vegetarian options, daily food specials, local wine and beer, and a latte bar.

Touch Tank, Seattle Aquarium, WA 2023

Outdoor Exhibits
A walk along the outside gave us the chance to see the Olympic Mountains across the Sound. A large outdoor seal viewing section was the most popular animal exhibit; the sea otter habitat extended outside also, but they were hanging out in the indoor section of the aquarium.

Puget Sound Wildlife
Both the large Underwater Dome and the Birds and Shores Aviary gave us more opportunities to see how different wildlife in and around the Puget Sound was compared to our equivalent Chesapeake Bay.

View of the Cascade Mountains from the Seattle Aquarium, 2023

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