Top Seattle Sights for a Kid-Friendly Spring Break


Learn about how we enjoyed some of the best sights that spring in Seattle had to offer.

We embarked on one of the least “spring break-like” spring breaks in April of 2023; Seattle to Chicago via the northern US route of the Amtrak Empire Builder. The trip was planned around my 10-year old’s one request; an overnight Amtrak train. I would like to think it’s because she loves the bonding experience of camping out in a roomette for an extended period with her mom. But in reality, she loves the break from the packed itinerary that often accompanies our family vacations. 

It turns out the most affordable flights in early April were to Seattle (because, again, not a first thought of spring breakers seeking sunshine). A friend joined us for the beginning of our week-long trip with a girl’s weekend in Seattle. It was the first time in the city for all of us, so we tried to see all of the major sights as efficiently and economically as possible. The Seattle Pass was a great value, and included five of our top destinations bundled for a discount on admissions.



Deep Dive into Puget Sound’s wildlife

Ride the rail and explore Capitol Hill neighborhood

See Seattle from the sky


Shop, dine and play in Pike Place Market

See the before & after of glass art in action