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Chihuly Garden and Glass- Seattle Spring Break 2023

I have seen Dale Chihuly’s works at many exhibitions throughout the country, including the Franklin Park Conservatory, where many of his works are part of the private collection. But none compared to the Chihuly Garden and Glass. The artist graduated from the University of Washington and the collection in Seattle Center is considered a long-term exhibition.

Indoor Exhibits

Glass Galleries
While some galleries were a collection of similar works set apart from one another, others were larger single installations combining smaller sculptures.

During our visit, a museum staff photographer took offered to take our photo. They scanned our ticket, and we were able to easily download our photos for free from the website later using the barcode.


The Bar
We hadn’t planned on mimosas, coffee, bread service, and donuts at 10:30am on Friday, but the Bar at Chihuly Garden and Glass was the perfect place to try to wait out the the rainy weather.

Dessert & Drinks
The drink menu was filled with creative cocktails, but by just calling it “The Bar” some families might avoid the location. The Bar is also open to Seattle Park visitors who have not paid admission to the museum. While there was no kid-specific menu, the small plates were sharable and the donuts turned out the be the favorite of many Seattle desserts for this 10-year old.


Unlike other Botanical Garden’s that temporarily exhibit Chihuly’s work in their established collections, the website notes that the landscape designers in Seattle chose the plants and built the plans for the gardens around his pieces.

Glass Blowing
We were able to see glass artists at work in the garden at the Community Hot Shop. The demonstrations were offered hourly during our visit.

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