Washington DC- Smithsonian History & Culture museums

Take some time to visit the Smithsonian Museums to learn about the many stories that come together to create the American experience (spoiler alert: it’s ain’t all apple pie and baseball games). Not all of the Smithsonian Museums have fully reopened in 2021. Please check the Smithsonian website for the most up to date information. American History Museum The National Museum of American History holds … Continue reading Washington DC- Smithsonian History & Culture museums

Washington DC- Memorials & places For Remembrance and reflection

All off the National Memorials are free to visit (the only place on this blog that requires a fee to tour is the Washington National Cathedral), and most are easy to see in less than a full day. The circulator bus is $1/person/ride and provides easy access to all of the monuments around the Tidal Basin and Reflecting Pool. Use the National Parks Jr. Ranger … Continue reading Washington DC- Memorials & places For Remembrance and reflection

Washington DC Science Museums

The National Mall is home to three science museums, including The National Air and Space Museum and the Museum of Natural History, two of the most iconic Smithsonian Institutions. At the East end of the Mall, next to the Capitol, is the United States Botanic Garden. From the Smithsonian Metro station, you can easily get to the Zoo with just one switch to the Red … Continue reading Washington DC Science Museums

Washington DC- Art museums

The National Mall is flanked on each end by The Capitol building and The Lincoln Memorial. The Mall is home to four Smithsonian Museums that have primarily art collections: The Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, The National Museum of African Art, and the National Museum of Asian Art. The National Gallery of Art is also on the Mall, with two buildings connected by a tunnel … Continue reading Washington DC- Art museums