Historic Jamestown, Virginia

I have an extremely long history of visiting the Historic Triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, dating back to a “field trip” from Ohio in 1992. (I remember I was reading Silence of the Lambs at the time, as every “normal” sixth grader was at the time.) My second trip was as a high school sophomore for my history class. My third was in 2006, … Continue reading Historic Jamestown, Virginia

The Virginia Living Museum, May 2021

Indoor Animal Exhibits The bulk of The Living Museum’s collection is made of of live animals (hence the name), highlighting the animals that live in Virginia (and its coast and waterways). Galleries are divided into ocean, nocturnal, western piedmont, and underground habitats. The exhibits all connect to atriums that each have a canopy walkaway and aquarium path underneath. The highlight of every visit for our … Continue reading The Virginia Living Museum, May 2021

Barry Art Museum, May, 2021

The Barry Art Museum is on the campus of Old Dominion University in Norfolk. Admittedly, despite living within walking distance, this was our first visit as a family. With just an hour we only had time to dive into three of the four galleries. Orchids: Attraction & Deception ODU and Norfolk Botanical Garden partner to share the University’s orchid collection in the Garden’s Tropical Display … Continue reading Barry Art Museum, May, 2021

The Chrysler Museum of Art, May 2021

The Chrysler Museum of Art offers free admission with timed tickets. I’ve always considered the collection at the museum to be disproportionally large for a city the size of Norfolk. It wouldn’t do it much justice to cover in just one post. The glass collection is the most prominent, so we will start there with our May visit. Disclaimer; I have no expertise in art. … Continue reading The Chrysler Museum of Art, May 2021

Appalachian Foothills, Virginia- March, 2021

airbnb Prior to 2020, we stayed almost exclusively in hotels and at resorts. With social distancing we began using AirBNB. This weekend, severe storms thwarted our trip to OBX, so we decided to look elsewhere. Phenix, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge foothills, would never have been on our travel list if it weren’t for AirBNB. Our rental was confirmed at 8:30am and two hours later … Continue reading Appalachian Foothills, Virginia- March, 2021

Occoquan, Virginia February 2021

We have somehow passed Occoquan countless times on our way to Washington, D.C. without knowing it existed. Alex was scheduled to travel to D.C. for a meeting (the first trip in almost a year of what was a regular occurrence prior to COVID). We used the short trip as an opportunity for Alice and I to tag along. (One of the few virtues of virtual … Continue reading Occoquan, Virginia February 2021