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1750 Miles, 14 Days, FROM Virginia to Maine- Summer 2021


Day 1- Norfolk, VA TO Philadelphia, PA via EAstern Shore

Day 2- Philadelphia, PA TO Waterbury, CT via Winterthur Museum & Gardens, Philadelphia Botanical Garden & Cold Springs, NY

Day 3- Waterbury, CT TO Harpswell, ME via Freeport, ME

Day 4- Harpswell, ME

Day 5- Harpswell, ME TO North Conway, NH

Day 6- North Conway, NH TO Mount Washington area, via StoryLand

Day 7- Mount Washington area, NH TO Harpswell, ME via Rumford area, ME

Day 8- Harpswell, ME

Day 9- Harpswell & Coastal Maine Botanic Garden in Boothbay, ME

Day 10- Harpswell, ME

Day 11- Harpswell, ME TO New Jersey via Sturbridge Village, MA

Day 12- Wood-Ridge NJ TO Cranbury, NJ via New York BotanicAL Garden & Central Park, NYC

Day 13- Cranbury, NJ To Ocean City, MD VIA Wilmington, DE

Day 14- Ocean City, MD- Norfolk VA

2 thoughts on “1750 Miles, 14 Days, FROM Virginia to Maine- Summer 2021”

  1. Wow!!!!! What a beautiful trip!!! 💖 next time we plan a road trip I need to tap your brain for cool stops! I’m terrible at planning…. Which (ironically) makes me a good cruiser lol. Love everything about this blog! 💖


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