Family Travel, New England, USA

White Mountains, New Hampshire, 2019

Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village may have never been on our radar, had it not been a childhood vacation spot for my friend Jen’s family. We met in the middle of our two families’ New England vacations in 2019. (This was not the Jens’ first time in New England together; we took a road trip in a minivan to Vermont from Ohio over two decades ago.)

The park is a perfect day trip for families with young children. The rides are mild, and (although not photoed) there is an enormous waterpark that ranks as Alice’s favorite attraction in the park.

Reindeer, Santa’s Village

I am fairly certain that these were the first reindeer that I’ve ever seen in real life. They did not disappoint.

White Mountains

An hour into the drive from Santa’s Village to Maine, we stopped for the night at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, New Hampshire. The hotel is listed on the Registry of Historic Hotels in America, and the highlight was dinner on the patio at the Highfields restaurant.

Within walking distance of the hotel we were able to hop around the rocks that lead to Jackson Falls.

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