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Epcot for Science Nerds

Living with the Land

Obviously, as an EE professional that works at a Botanical Garden, I’m going to think Living with the Land is totally rad. However, unless they are just humoring me, the other members of my family are totally into it also. (I think) it is fascinating to learn where your food comes from, and in The Land they demonstrate that science will help us continue to grow food on our ever-changing planet through environmentally sustainable practices (aquaculture! hydroponics!). And if your family isn’t into that description, a relaxing 16-minute boat ride in air conditioning should get them in the door. Bonus that you will likely emerge as more planet-loving humans.

To supplement your Living with the Land experience, you can book Garden Grill, located just above the ride. They use some of the ingredients harvested from the gardens in the pavilion. The restaurant rotates to show parts of the ride and characters greet the guests.

As of May 2021 characters dining at Garden Grill has resumed with modifications.

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

You can approach the aquarium section by door or by a clamshell ride on The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Inside there is an incredible wonderful collection of (real!) weird aquatic animals. Larger tanks contain dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. Turtle Talk with Crush (although closed temporarily as of May 2021) is an interactive, fun, and educational attraction. He’s, like totally, really there answering kids questions about the ocean. We’ve met Crush many times and have yet to have the same experience.

Journey Into the Imagination With Figment

Figment is another one of those sneakily educational rides. A small purple dragon and The Monty Python’s Eric Idle tell you how the brain works. Need I say more? Figment, IMO, also makes for some of the best merch!

Space & Speed Stuff

Technically, Mission Mars and Test Track are thrill rides, but astronomy and engineering are both kind of nerdy. On Test Track, you have the option to design your own vehicle and test it on a track (hence the name). Your scores will then be displayed against the other riders in your Test Vehicle.

Mission: Mars simulator ride gives you the option to take the easy Earth orbit (green) or the stomach dropping (Red) trip to Mars.

Spaceship Earth is a classic Epcot attraction that (for now) documents human communication through animatronics.

Many of the rides in Epcot have spaces just before the exit with games, playgrounds, and interactive stations that supplement the ride’s educational theme.

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