I’m a transplant from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic; I grew up in the cornfield sector of Ohio and then moved to the coastal plains of southern Virginia when I was 22. I’m now raising a small 8-year old version of myself, named Alice, with my husband of 11 years, named Alex. In 2005, I started my career at Norfolk Botanical Garden, where I still work in the youth education department.

So what is this blog? It’s partially a photo diary for my family, partially travel advice for others, and partially a way for me to share things to do locally in the Hampton Roads (757) area.

For two years I’ve also been able to turn my experiences into an opportunity to book travel for others as an Independent Travel Agent through Academy Travel and mickeyvacations.com, where I specialize in Disney Destinations. This year, I’ll add more locations and vendors to my specialty, so feel free to send me a message anytime you want more information.

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